Scott Hodges has been involved in the show business since the age of five. He started out with ventriloquism doing television spots and talent shows. It was at the age of 15 that he fell in love with theatre by performing with “Cobb Children’s Theatre”. He then took a shot at New York where he got his first Professional theatre experience with the off broadway show, “The Velvet Rut” at the “Flea Theatre” owned by Jim Simpson and Sigorney Weaver. Scott also did marionette puppet shows in films and theatre, and performed stand up comedy at “Don’t Tell Mammas” comedy club.

After 2 ½ years he moved back to his home town in Powder Springs Ga. He auditioned for the role of Jim Payne, not understanding the depth of the role until he was handed sides to read at the audition. When he looked over the role he already new in his heart that he was going to get this role, and he did.

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